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dinsdag 30 oktober 2018

Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

From 20-23 September a delegation of D66 members visited the election campaign of the multi-ethnic, social liberal Naša Stranka party in the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, Sarajevo. It was a very special occasion since the period leading up to the elections is a hectic and exciting time.

The elections took place on the 7th of October and the citizens of Bosnia Herzegovina elected three presidents, their national House of Representatives as well as the legislatures of the two entities within the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of the ten cantons within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the visit to the Naša Stranka headquarters, the group was able to meet many elected members of the Naša Stranka party leadership. Presidential candidate Borisa Falatar emphasized the importance of leadership without losing sight of your personal values and beliefs. Despite the busy campaign schedule, candidates invested their time into their volunteers, giving them their well-deserved attention.

Besides learning plenty about the workings of an election campaign, the delegation was also able to make an active contribution. For example, one of the brainstorm sessions resulted in the idea to shoot a short video for the publication on social media in which the international guests could share their reasons on why they would consider voting for Naša Stranka. The Naša Stranka headquarters provided the perfect background.

Naša Stranka’s slogan? Zajedno i tačka meaning: United and full stop.

Another valuable contribution was the collaboration between the youth wing of Naša Stranka and the D66 delegation. The youth wing is very active and was close to the campaign. They made sure to remain a good balance between working hard and having fun at the same time which was motivating and refreshing to see. Naša Stranka had a strong presence on the streets, with stands across the city center. Their slogan? Zajedno i tačka which translates to United and full stop.

In a campaign filled with parties targeting specific ethnic groups, Naša Stranka’s party line stood out because of its openness, their call for unity and multi-ethnicity. To stimulate the dialogue with voters at the booth, the delegation helped to introduce Bosnian speech balloons, which read My dream for Bosnia is…

The volunteers of Naša Stranka regularly go door-to-door, one of the few parties to do so in Bosnia. This picture was taken right before the delegation joined a group to go door-to-door for the distribution of flyers and informing the people. Being part of such a big group of volunteers is a very rewarding experience which gives you a lot of energy. All in all, a very valuable visit for both the delegation and Naša Stranka. We hope to welcome them back in the Netherlands soon.