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donderdag 8 augustus 2019

Terugkijken – Round Table ‘Towards a European Army?’

Op 2 juli organiseerde Stichting IDI / D66 Internationaal met het European Liberal Forum een drukbezochte Round Table over de toekomst van de Europese defensie samenwerking in Nieuwspoort, Den Haag. Kijk hier het debat terug.

In het kort: Europe finds itself in a world of geopolitical upheaval. With the surge of authoritarianism around the globe, the steady rise of China and a swiftly changing transatlantic relationship, difficult choices are ahead for leaders of the EU.

Now that ´the West´ is becoming an ever more fractured concept, the question of European security rises as one of the most prominent issues. Should the NATO-dependency continue? Is there more space for bilateral or multilateral military cooperation between European countries? Or should – as is the title of this event – there be a clear push ‘Towards a European Army’?

A discussion between:

  • Salima Belhaj | Member of Parliament, D66, The Netherlands
  • Bartlomjei Nowak | Foreign Affairs Secretary, Nowoczesna Party, Poland
  • Ben Jones | Teaching Fellow, King´s College London, UK

Moderated by:

  • Sebastian Vagt | European Affairs Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Germany/Belgium