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woensdag 9 september 2020

Climate Justice Impact Series – Week I

Climate Justice Impact Series: Climate Induced Migration

Saturday the 5th of September, the Climate Justice Impact Series kicked off with two online meetings and an expert briefing by Dr. Ingrid Boas. In this first session, Dr. Boas outlined the main academic points regarding climate-induced migration, using her own research as a red thread to brief the participants.

Climate-induced migration, human mobility, climate displacement or environmental-related migration are amongst the options of defining this phenomenon. Dr. Boas first highlighted that it’s a misconception that people want to leave their homes, and it is considered a last resort. In order to account for this, it’s important the Global North considers how they can operate locally, through for example mitigation or local relocation efforts. Resettlement should be conducted locally, with the help of UN Institutions. A constructive form of action for the Global North would be through funding UN- or local initiatives that are involved with this process. Alternatively, governments and international institutions should point their attention to loss and damage protocols, which is overshadowed by the topic of mitigation.

Additionally, fast on-set climate migration receives more attention and funding than the slower on-set migration. This is due to the urgency, immediacy and large number of people it affects, but the participants should keep in mind that although the slower climate displacement processes are less visible, they are as impactful to the regions.

The main takeaways from Dr. Boas to the participants was to be mindful of the positioning of the displaced persons, as the people it affects should not be regarded as passive victims. Instead, any campaign that involves this issue should place them as involved, active participants. Furthermore, it’s recommended to maintain a bottom-up approach, that includes those affected by climate-induced migration.

Next Saturday, we will continue the impact series with expert briefings related to the policy and humanitarian dimensions.