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vrijdag 4 december 2020

Aftermovie and outcomes report Hackathon








Aftermovie and outcomes report Hackathon

On the 30th of October, the European Liberal Forum organized the Hackathon ‘Hacking Europe’s Future’, with support of D66 International.  The Hackathon ‘Hacking Europe‘s Future’ was an immersive one-day brainstorm event to come to radical reform ideas regarding crucial European themes. The programme was focused on both policy discussion as well as communication methods. The Hackathon is meant to go beyond discussing the daily political issues surrounding the European Union, and is a platform to discuss longer-term policies for the European project.

Representatives from liberal organisations all over Europe came together online to discuss European climate change policy, citizen engagement with the European Union and European-wide social policy. Experts from these respective fields engaged with the participants through interactive presentations, followed by Q&A-sessions. The sessions were moderated by Afke Groen, researcher for the Dutch social-liberal scientific institute, the Mr. Hans van Mierlo Foundation.

The aftermovie highlights the most important moments of the day, of both the speakers as well as the brainstorm sessions. If you’re interested in the outcomes of this event, please read the Hackathon – outcomes report

Film edited by Jeroen Koopman