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woensdag 16 december 2020

Day of the Middle East 2020: Recording Livestream








Day of the Middle East 2020: Recording Livestream

Recording Day of the Middle East: Dispatches from the Revolution

One week ago, D66 International organized the 8th edition of its’ annual Day of the Middle East: Dispatches from the Revolution. On the 9th of December, several experts took us along in the protests that has characterized the Arab world the last ten years. It is only a decade ago that Mohammed Bouazizi, the young vendor from Tunisia, sparked the flame that lead to uprisings from Tunis to Tripoli and from Aleppo to Amman. People took to the streets and demanded democratic reforms.

During this online session, we discussed the outcomes of these uprisings that varied across the region and contemporary protests. What does the MENA look like now? Experts and activists from Eqypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Iraq introduced us to their stories, their squares and their revolutions. The event was presented by Laila al-Zwaini – arabist and journalist – and Aernout van Lynden – former war correspondent.

We kicked of this event with introductory words from Sigrid Kaag and Tjeerd Dierckxsens. Sigrid send a message of encouragement to the young people from the Arab world to never give up hope and to find voice.

After this strong message, Kabil Daoud from the Tunesian liberal party Afek Tounes (the only liberal party that has successfully endured the democratic transition in Tunisia) took us with him in his experiences of the tumultuous days during the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia.

Ahmed Hassancinematographer of and starring in the documentary The Square – screened his short film Decade on the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution. Together with Ramy Essam – the voice of the Egyptian Revolution – Ahmed joined us online for a Q&A. Laila questioned them about their project, their message and their ambitions.

Aernout introduced us to Lebanon and to human rights activist Riwa Ghawi. Riwa elaborated on the Lebanese demonstrations and its current aftermath. We moved on to an interview of Laila by Aernout on the current youth-led demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon.

And with this, we rounded of the 8th edition of the Day of the Middle East. Were you not able to check out this event? No reason to be disappointed, because you can watch the whole session back here! Only interested in a specific part? Take a look at this scheme to find the session you’re interested in:

Introductory words from Sigrid and Tjeerd: 0:00 – 6:25

Kabil Daoud and the Tunisian Revolution: 6:25 – 16:50

The short film Decade by Ahmed Hassan: 16:50 – 23:13

Q&A with Ahmed Hassan and Ramy Essam: 23:13 – 56:38

Riwa Ghawi about the Lebanese protests: 56:38 – 1:01:37

Laila about the demonstrations in Lebanon and Iraq: 1:01:37 – end