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vrijdag 29 januari 2021

Webcast: Beirut Pride, art & activism with Hadi Damien and Alexander Hammelburg

Webcast: Beirut Pride, art & activism with Hadi Damien and Alexander Hammelburg

Join us online for this webcast and discussion on Beirut Pride and LGBTIQ+ rights in Lebanon on Tuesday the 16th of February, from 20.00 – 20.45.

Watch the live show here

In this webcast, Hadi Damien – initiator of Beirut Pride – and Alexander Hammelburg – D66 council member in Amsterdam –, will delve into LGBTIQ+ rights and the power of art as political tool. How does Beirut Pride accelerate societal change in Lebanon, and how do artistic expressions serve decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ status? Hadi Damien also speaks to the current LGBTIQ+ realities in Lebanon that have become more challenging with the economic collapse of the country.

This event will be livestreamed through Youtube. If you’d like to take part in the Q&A, you can join us live in the Zoom session by filling out the form below.

Hadi Damien is the initiator of Beirut Pride, the only LGBTIQ+ Pride in the Arab world since its establishment in 2017. The collaborative platform runs year-long initiatives, and gathers the creative industries to program performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, and other types of artistic expressions that address critical aspects of LGBTIQ+ realities in an accessible manner. Beirut Pride centers its efforts for the decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ status in Lebanon.

Alexander Hammelburg is currently council member in Amsterdam and candidate member of parliament. As International Advocacy Officer for the COC, Hammelburg supports the LGBTIQ+ community worldwide.

This webcast is a follow-up on interviews D66 International conducted with artivists from Europe and the MENA-region. We made a compilation of these interviews, which you can check at


Registration discussion webcast 'Political Art as a Political Act'

On the 16th of February from 20:00 till 20:45, D66 International is hosting a webcast on the intersection between political activism and art. For this event, Hadi Damien will take us along in the Beirut Pride and his fight for the decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ affairs. Do you want to ask questions to Hadi Damien yourself? Sign up here for the online discussion!
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