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dinsdag 9 februari 2021

You(th) 4 Climate Action: Empowered, Included and Leading Program

Last December we set up a joint initiative with our partners of the IFLRY (International Federation of Liberal Youth) and the EYU (European Youth of Ukraine), : the You(th) 4 Climate Action: Empowered, Included and Leading program. A 2-day virtual seminar including a digital platform designed to empower and mobilize youth to co-create sustainable development solutions in climate policy and entrepreneurship. The program was designed to unleash youth potential as climate leaders through:  a high-level dialogue on climate, COVID19, youth empowerment, skills-building workshops and a youth dialogue.

On Day 1, the high-level dialogue took place.  Speakers for the high-level dialogue included: Dr. Hakima El Haite, Liberal International President, Dr. Svitlana Krakowska, IPCC scientist, MEP Karin Karlsbro, Susanna Rivero Baughman, Advisor to Government of Catalonia and was moderated by Perla Hernandez (IFLRY) and Iryna Akhmedova (EYU). The high-level dialogue was broadcasted on Facebook Live (see). On Day 2, participants learned skills from leading professionals in: climate policy, communications, journalism, entrepreneurship and advocacy. To quote our partners of EYU: ‘We were discussing brand campaigns, the power of language and visualisation in delivering the importance of ecological entrepreneurship. The best slogan  which summarises two intense days of reflecting, presenting and projecting is ‘Think globally, act locally’’.

The climate seminar ended with a youth dialogue guided by graphic design firm Tofu Creatives using mindful doodling techniques. Participants were asked to reflect on the lessons learnt and to identify potential areas of action. The key messages of the high-level dialogue and the youth dialogue were captured in two doodle designs by Tofu Creatives, which you can see here above. Participants enjoyed the program and are looking for future ways to take their ideas and skills to the next level as agents of change.

The dual crises of the covid-19 pandemic and climate change has shown that we must innovate and build back greener. Young people are already innovating and bringing ideas to the table. They are an integral part of this transformation.