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Webcast ‘Political Art as a Political Act’

Tuesday, 16 February 2020 online

Join us for this online discussion 'Political Art as a Political Act' on LGBTIQ+ rights with Hadi Damien and Alexander Hammelburg.

Attention! Due to the curfew, as announced by the Dutch government on 20 January, this event has been rescheduled from the 9th of February to 16 February from 20:00 till 20:45 (CET time).

On 16 February 2020, D66 International is hosting a 1-hour discussion session about diversity, inclusivity and LGBTIQ+ rights. Together with Hadi Damien and Alexander Hammelburg, we will reflect on LGTBIQ+ rights in Lebanon and on the role art can play in delivering a political message. This event is a follow-up on previous interviews we conducted with ‘artivists’ from Europe and the MENA-region. Check out the short movie¬†here.

At the end of this session, there will be a Q&A with Hadi Damien which is publicly accessible. Do you want to ask a question to Hadi Damien yourself? Sign up at the form below!

The Youtube link for the livestream will be available soon.

Hadi Damien is the initiator of the Beirut Pride, the only Pride in the Arab world. Currently, he is the Co-President of InterPride. Through his work, Damien tries to put the decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ matters on the agenda.

Alexander Hammelburg is currently council member in Amsterdam and candidate member of parliament. As International Advocacy Officer for the COC, Hammelburg supports the LGBTIQ+ community worldwide.


Registration discussion webcast 'Political Art as a Political Act'

On the 16th of February from 20:00 till 20:45, D66 International is hosting a webcast on the intersection between political activism and art. For this event, Hadi Damien will take us along in the Beirut Pride and his fight for the decriminalization of LGBTIQ+ affairs. Do you want to ask questions to Hadi Damien yourself? Sign up here for the online discussion!
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