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Towards a European Army? (Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable)

Tuesday, 2 July 2019, The Hague

What is the future of European defence cooperation and what are the different European perspectives?

With the rising power of China and a changing transatlantic relationship, the international arena has become ever more uncertain. Although it may seem like a far-away goal it is time to reignite the debate about European defence cooperation. During this round table, we will discuss the future of Europe in terms of an integrated military system. Our experts from the Netherlands, France, Germany  and Poland will offer their respective views.

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A roundtable discussion organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) with the support of D66 Internationaal / Stichting IDI. Co-funded by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not responsible for the content of the programme, or for any use that may be made of it. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the European Parliament and/or the European Liberal Forum.

2 juli


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